The team at Brunswick Garage is pleased to offer DAB digital radio conversions for any vehicle!

Why would you want DAB radio in your vehicle? Well, some stations are only available on digital radio, Did you know 4 out of 10 new cars sold in the United Kingdom do not come with a digital radio, with a digital switchover planned for 2017, it is astonishing that vehicle manufactures are selling vehicles with audio systems that are soon to be defunct.
You could always buy a brand new car and tick the option box for a DAB radio.  However If you didn’t want to buy a new car we can upgrade your old FM RDS radio! DAB Motion in partnership with Brunswick Garage offer a one stop solution, a DAB Motion kit is the complete and universal way to start listening to crystal clear digital radio in your car, and is by far the most affordable way to upgrade to digital radio. Using RDS technology all station and track information is shown on the original stereo display.

Digital radio or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a digital radio technology used for broadcasting radio content.  Until recently it wasn’t available for vehicles currently on the road but now more and more divers are choosing to install it.
The Brunswick Garage team have recently successfully completed on-site DABmotion digital radio installer training.  Brunswick Garages’ forward-thinking ethos involves embracing new technologies and is proud to be early adopters of DAB conversions.

Brunswick Garage will fully install the DAB Motion kit into your vehicle which transmits the digital radio signal through your factory installed FM radio.  We give you a separate remote control to select your digital radio stations and the stations name is displayed on your existing radio display. The volume is controlled by your normal volume control. 

For more information, please call in : 0208 361 5000