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Excellent service, late booking because we forgot about the MOT but the team at Brunswick fitted us in and did a great job. Highly recommended.

Chris Mason


Excellent Garage, knowledgeable and friendly staff,

high quality work.

John McMahon


Great customer service, accommodating and knowledgeable

Mr Mungo Knott


Firstly I have to say that Brunswick Garage is as most of the reviews suggest, very Professional and seemingly knowledgeable about cars (can only speak for my BMW 318i m sport) the staff are great and the venue is unlike any garage I have been to, very clean tidy and organised (the bathroom is pristine by the way!)And you have the whole team’s résumé available to be observed (great stuff).

Derek Baptiste


Polite, efficient, professional, welcoming. Well worth the journey to their garage and will use them again

Liam Dystant


I recently visited your garage and wanted to say thanks for the work on the two cars. I appreciated the clear explanations and honesty shown by your staff, they didn't change things which did need to be done. Look forward to using your garage for MOT and services, and if anything crops up …. although I hope you understand if I hope that’s not too much !



Dear Andy, just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for looking after the Toyota over the last few days.

Rob Scott


Reception was friendly and professional. Mechanics were very approachable. The only uncertainty about the service was that I booked in for an MOT, when I left the car they assured me they would call if there were any problems.

They called to say my brake pads were worn and gave me a quote and asked if I wanted to fix them but didn’t say how urgently they needed replacing and if it would have been dangerous or MOT fail if I didn’t replace them then.

They did however give me advice on my tyre tread when I collected the car saying that the tyres needed checking again in three months. Time so I guess by them not saying the brake pads needed watching they probably did need replacing urgently. I was however happy to accept their advice and quote and had the rear pads replaced.

Mrs Nicola Adams


Initially very pleased with first round of work, until it was pointed out that some work was missed out, new radiator, fan belt and some other bits.

Car was quickly taken back in for parts to be priced, unfortunately there was a small communication error and they went ahead with the work without me authorising. I was under the impression we were waiting for a part and overall cost for the job.

However, it was work that needed doing, it did come as an extra surprise but Andy did well to knock a chunk of the labour cost off and a free fan belt as I’d already spent a sizeable chunk of cash there.

I’m happy with that. It was an honest mistake and I’d definitely go back again, great garage and service.

Nick Clement


Very efficiently run concern in every respect. Friendly, helpful and efficient. The company was recommended to me and I will certainly recommend them to other people.

David Goodman

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